The Curalytics Clique

The Curalytics Clique is an interdisciplinary, invitation-only community & “think-tank” that discusses subjective systems across the dimensions of machine learning, recommendation systems, marketing, anthropology, linguistics, psychology, sociology, semiotics, and design. Members include CTOs, entrepreneurs, academics, researchers, product managers, and engineers working at large tech companies, venture backed firms, start ups, universities, and research firms on the cutting-edge of theory, technology, media, and e-commerce.

The Curalytics Clique is a pivot point for this community: a space to receive information, ask questions, share ideas, and participate at the nexus of research & industry in this rapidly evolving area. It’s an opportunity to listen, discuss, and advance the state of the art together.

The format of The Curalytics Clique is a 60 minute, small-group conversation over video chat among 7 to 10 technology and culture experts; The conversation stays at the level of belief, theory, and principals in order to satisfy the confidentiality clauses most people are under. The group operates under The Chatham House Rule or, the “pencils down” rule, where everyone is free to use the information received but is not free to reveal the source of that information unless they receive permission. Conversations are not recorded.

Please email me to learn more.

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