6 Ways To Make Your Product Sharable: Summary of the Book Contagious


The Book Contagious by Wharton Marketing Profession Jonah Berger is a fun read with six takeaways to make your products and ideas more likely to be talked about and shared:

Social Currency: “We Share Things That Make Us Look Good”
“Does talking about your product or idea make people look good? Can you find the inner remarkability? Leverage game mechanics? Make people feel like insiders?”

Triggers: “Top of Mind, Tip of Tongue”
“Consider the context. What cues make people think about your product or idea? How can you grow the habitat and make it come to mind more often?”

Emotion: “When We Care, We Share”
“Focus on feelings. Does talking about your product or idea generate emotion? How can you kindle the fire?”

Public: “Built to Show, Built to Grow”
“Does your product or idea advertise itself? Can people see when others are using it? If not, how can you make the private public? Can you create behavioral residue that sticks around even after people use it?”

Practical Value: “News You Can Use”
“Does talking about your product or idea help people help others? How can you highlight incredible value, packaging your knowledge and expertise into useful information others will want to disseminate?”

Stories: “Information Travels Under the Guide of Idle Chatter”
“What is your Trojan Horse? Is your product or idea embedded in a broader narrative that people want to share? Is the story not only viral, but also valuable?”

The book includes many stories and examples from Jonah’s research to support these points if you want to learn more about how he arrived at these conclusions.

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