Learn Javascript with Codecademy – First Lesson Review

Over 100,000 people responded to Codecademy‘s New Year resolution to learn to code as as reported in TechCrunch. Here are some thoughts having just finished the first lesson, “Getting Started with Programming”.

The lessons are in Javascript, undoubtedly choosen because of the ease of executing the code in the browser for users. The first lesson has 8 parts covering alerts, variables, numbers, strings, arrays, IF statements, incrementing, decrementing, while loops, and do loops.

The interface is slick with an editor and a console on the right side and the lessons on the left hand side. It was very easy to move from lesson to lesson and the the badges awarded along the way were reinforcing.

If you or someone you know is looking for a very introductory and fun way to get their feet wet with programming, participating in codecademy is a no brainer. I look forward to futures lessons that they will be adding. At the time of writing this, they had a more advanced lesson available as well.


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